Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Groupon’s Secrets to Combating CopyCats!

Some come and create, some come and redefine, but some come and revolutionize!

Andrew Mason was a step further, he stomped the dot com world and injected hysteria into the daily deals way of life! Living social deals are a household interest in the current times of internet and short cut shopping and success!

Groupon’s creators had perfect beliefs and so the rest was made! World transformers are quite made of traits such as these!

Andrew Mason created a concept that the web history would never be able to replicate in the same manner ever. It is the fastest growing company in the online space and seems to retain the power too. Discount deals are a thing of the present and have a bright future ahead too, and Groupon has gone the extra mile to make you ‘come on’ and ‘act now’ on deals on offer. Quick profits, humongous sales, and brilliant bridge between the shoppers and brick and mortar businesses, Groupon per se!

With great footing, comes widespread cloning too! Groupon wasn’t any different, its concept spread like a woman’s gossip and seems to roll in even more groupon clone scripts.

But then Great works can be copied, not mastered like the original! Groupon believes in it and has followed much smarter tricks to deal with its clones.
Let’s look at how:

Instead of stopping or threatening like a lanky attempt, Groupon has a different approach to handle its copy cats, it partners with them!

Trick of the trade is to build while bonding, first case, considering Europe, Groupon purchased a Berlin based city deal that further trippled the DADDY’s staff from earlier 300 touch! Groupon also gained 80 novel markets in 16 countries encompassing United Kingdom, Germany, France.

Groupon later entered Latin America to take over one of its imitators in Chile. While this process was on, it launched a daily deal service in Brazil. Result of which, Groupon managed to quadruple its employee count and number of cities it serves in. More often than not, the best strategy to deal with apes is to play their game on them! Big Daddy of Group Buying Software, Groupon aligns its ways on these lines..

The Pioneer bought Groupon Script Clone in Russia and Japan as well.
The next destination to counter attack clones is China where already about 1000 imitators have sprung up.

When it looks almost humiliating and unpleasant to see others copying your patent, Groupon has indeed evolved as a smart player to take it as an opportunity. The giant Living Social Deals Site, Groupon is yet to dip its toe in major other markets, but it’s just a matter of time. It’s often irksome while coping to copying, but as they say, the real competition is one’s own, and not by others’, so is Groupon’s heart strategy!

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