Monday, 2 April 2012

Groupon Clone System- A Must Have!

Ask a three year old toddler and he would tell you what Groupon is and how it works. But if I am not mistaken there would still be some scratching their heads at the mention of the word ‘Groupon’. So, please let’s first sprinkle some knowledge on the web platform.

Andrew Mason is the man who came up with the idea that caught the fancy of the world like lightening. The Groupon concept revolves around giving a platform to a small local business like restaurant and salon to ‘air’ their discount deals to bring brand new customers. The word spreads through social mediums (Facebook and Twitter), discounts coupons and…tadda…everyone from clients, Groupon guys and customers benefit with big bucks.

But as you all know the world of web is too smart for a monopoly. One only has to get the crux of the idea and the rest of it is simple. The same was Hence Proved with the emergence of Groupon Clone Websites. These websites offer merchandiser the platform to bring his products in the web form to reach much wider audience. Looking at the trend, these are the rage of the present and there is hardly any sign of their fading away too soon.

However, to gain true advantage of a web platform, one needs a Groupon Script that would bring with itself advance features of controlling what is on display, content management, graphics, member login, SEO implementation and a lot more. All this comes handy for the merchants to come up with their own advertisements and publicity stints. This could work magic because a merchant knows his business best and only that kind of knowledge squirted through a proper channel could bring in the moolah.

Now, the question that must be bothering you from the very second you started scanning through this digital work has to be the good old back breaking COST. To get your hands on a Daily Deals Groupon Clone could cost you a bomb (nuclear one) if you ended up at a wrong firm’s web address as these are firms that wouldn’t think twice before lunging for all your savings and bank balance.

So, be careful at the selection of a groupon clone package by going for thorough research before making the choice. Thus, the final word is that the wave of Clone Scripts should be rode carefully.

The article is the property of FATbit Technologies ( The Indian firm has been in the web services business since 2004. It recently came up with its Groupon Clone Script. Some of the Script’s features are functional and E-commerce system, deal features, data collection, member login and SEO implementation. Reach the company website to get a quote for the Daily deal script.

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