Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Invasion of Clones

Now, don’t lung for the car keys as I am not suggesting that some crazy scientist made clones that are going to take over Planet Earth. Clones here refer to the many Groupon clone script that have taken the web world by storm. Mention of the Groupon must have made clear most of the doubts but still if there are any, let’s first put them in the bin. 

In the year 2008, a guy named Andrew Mason came up with the idea of giving local business the advantage of web by offering deal-of-the-day discounts to whosoever claimed it from the website. The idea struck the right chords and in no time, the web platform had more than 35 million users! Now, we all know the news travel fast in the world dominated by Facebook and Twitter and when it reached idle entrepreneurs waiting for an opportunity, the concept of living social deals evolved and along with it many other related web platforms came into existence offering similar kind of services. 

Time passed, Groupon went on to expand by joining hands with competitor firms, more and more web platforms came up with their own twist to the same idea and a lot of moolah was made. The industry of daily deals is still growing at a mind boggling rate with more and more newbie’s joining the bandwagon. Moreover, this Big Bang of daily deal scripts gave birth to a parallel industry; an industry which specialized in developing platforms which could manage the transactions and help owners in increasing efficiency or simply put, the daily deal software development industry. 

Coming up with a group buying site is not a complicated task but coming up with a good one surely is. There are a number of players in the field who would be more than happy to do the technical work but finding a script which will help the business and user equally is difficult. Though from the young companies, one of the best buy clone software are being offered by programmers and developers from South Asian countries. 

Using such sites brings win-win situation for everyone. Local businesses get new customers to attend while customers get huge discounts. In all this exchange, the website also makes a little profit from the business owner. Many a businesses are coming up their own buy clone software to cut the middlemen and cater directly to the customer; the population is still less but is growing steadily.
Groupon Clone Script
 The invasion of clones, it seems, is only working in favor of customers. So, all is good for now. 
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