Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Where Clone of Groupon Differs

Groupon is a household name nowadays and thus there is no need to elaborate how it went to catch the fancy of more than 35 million registered users, was valued at $ 1.35 billion in 2010 and recently went on to release an IPO. We all know about its highs (in the form of big profits and expansion) and lows (in recent flop show on financial accountability) and thus there is no usage of going on and on the same topic. Hence, let’s focus on clone of Groupon and its potential. 

As the business of Groupon exploded in North America, Europe, Asia and South America, entrepreneurs around the world realized the real potential of the business model. As time passed, siblings of Groupon surfaced all over the web to cater to the customers still unaware of the opportunities daily deal website could bring. World realized that such platforms did have a lot to offer and thus the clone business started to boom.
Clones differ in a number of ways from their parent behemoth sites. Some of the important points are mentioned below:

Better Local Deals

No matter how fast a company or, in this case, an e-commerce website expands, it becomes difficult to capture every market in a short duration. While, Groupon and Living Social Deals expanded in Europe and North America, markets of East were waiting to be reached. Here, Groupon clones filled the gap for global citizens. Moreover, local websites are better aware of the market and thus could offer better deals by reaching reputed merchants.

Sound Platforms

Beginners have to go through the phase of making mistakes and then learning from them. On the other hand, immediate followers study the beginners to make better decisions. Therefore, clones, in a way, are sound platforms which have been evolved while keeping in mind glitches that existed in parent systems. So, it can be said that daily deals Groupon clone is improved version of Groupon and Living Social.

A website designing company is the body which develops scripts of Groupon clones and it is the script which makes the essence of the web platform. Coming up with such platforms is not a simple task, for a developer has to take care of varied offerings, intuitive web site design, security & functionality, social attributes and integration with social networking. Hence, success of an e-commerce platform depends greatly on website and its functionality. 

Along with being user friendly, a clone should also lend control at the hands of the administrator. Simplicity of the platform, managing offers, emailing deals and availing coupon deals should be as trouble free as possible. Moreover, cost is also a big factor for startup firms. Too costly a script would only force the client into thinking too much about the financial viability of the deal. Hence, a daily deal software needs to score in a number of fields to become favorite child of entrepreneurs. 

South Asia has come up as a market which has mastered the art of making better performing clones but one need to be careful while making the final call, as there are a number of inexperienced players in the market claiming to be the best. So, the bottom line is ‘be cautious and choose wisely’.

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