Friday, 22 June 2012

Features a Groupon Clone Can Greatly Benefit From

A web platform, especially an e-commerce one similar to Groupon, prospers on features it offers and how those features help in enhancing the experience of the visitor. While merchant login, customer login and accounts page are the characteristics without which existence of such ecommerce systems is near to impossible, there are some features from which Groupon script clone can greatly benefit. But the billion dollar question is what these features exactly are. Well, read below to know;

Tab for Active and Upcoming Deals 

People reach living social deals system to find offerings that can save them money as well as fulfill a need. To simplify this need, tabs of active and upcoming deals are of great help. By going through active deals, a user can gain idea of deals on offer and also whether the one he has been on a lookout for is available or not. Upcoming deals shows the deals that are about to arrive in the arena. 

Social Media Sharing

Nobody needs to be told how social media platforms are changing the way we share and communicate. By integrating buttons for social media sharing, a daily deals Groupon clone can help spreading the message at lightning speed. Deals can be shared with friends and dear ones. Some websites even offer bonus points on references that could later be availed on a different deal. Hence, social media sharing is a win-win phenomenon. 

Secure Cart

Whenever money is changing hands, people get nervous. Thus it is very important to assure the visitor that transactions are made in a highly secure environment. This is crucial because mostly credit cards are used for such transactions and people are conscious about security of the platforms. Groupon clone software is crafted in such a way that no financial or payment information is stored and this is where every clone has to score at any cost. 

Fast Checkout

Web users are known for their short attention span. Thus, it is highly suggested not to test the same and keep the checkout as quick as possible. A checkout system which is marked with rigmarole steps and procedures only brings down the user experience. Thus, having a checkout process that includes only necessary steps avoiding unnecessary ones is very critical. Group buying clone script cannot afford to ignore this feature at any cost.

Gift A Friend 

This has become pretty popular nowadays. By using this option, a user can gift a deal to his near and dear ones. The element of surprise is surely the crucial factor in addition to the fact that one doesn’t have to visit a store to buy it. Even a personalized message can be send to add a personal feel. 

In addition to the above points, affordability is also a great issue. Probably that is what Group buying software are in great demand nowadays. 

So, these are the factors that can make a great difference. Do consider them.

FATbit Technologies has been active in the Daily deal script business for long time. With the help of its seasoned programmers, it has evolved clone of Groupon that brings same capabilities and functionalities for owners as any major deal-of-the-day web platform.

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