Friday, 1 June 2012

Must Have’s of a Groupon Clone

Groupon is pretty big but not big enough to leave no scope for similar seeming platforms. Counting on the same idea, entrepreneurs around the world got their hands on Groupon clones to become the ‘next big thing’. But the baffling part is that entrepreneurs are not the only ones with noses to get a whiff of profit. As soon as software companies realized that the demand for Group buying clone script is going to touch sky, everyone put their programmer at work to develop the best clone in the market. The same lead to the present in which there are uncountable clones but little knowledge of the best. Fortunately, this is where this article comes in!

The fact is that Groupon clone is a simple daily deal aggregator script powered by four or five components that can make everyone happy. So, below mentioned are the must have’s of a Groupon clone.

Merchant Login

Merchants here represent the businesses that offer deals on the website. Basically, these are the folks who render the service and from their share of profit, pay some to the website. So, this makes merchant a very important component. Merchant login helps the businesses in managing their deals, view their sales order, catalogs and reports. This login is given by the website to make the merchants experience better. Therefore, not including the same is totally unacceptable, for the merchant would not be able to govern and manage online.

Easy Checkout

Customers have to go through a number of steps to close the deal on a social deals website. The idea which makes the difference here is that ‘Lesser the number of steps, better the customer experience’. Therefore, it is very important to have a checkout system that doesn’t consume a lot of time. If it takes a lot of time by going through unnecessary steps, then, purpose of buying experience stand defeated.

Deal Sharing or Refer a Friend

Refer a friend probably qualifies as the smartest marketing tool on a daily deals script. Through the option, a person or shopper can share the deal with his friends and can gain advantage of referral points which could be used in the next bargain. Different social deals use the concept in different ways to push users to share more and more. This is only a marketing trick to connect with more people and to close even more deals but the fact is that it makes and saves money for everyone involved.

Social Share Factor

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are ruling the charts of social networking and for a clone script, it is crucial to consider them into preview. Such social networking sites can serve the purpose of spreading the word regarding different deals and also of maintaining regular contact with the customers. Speaking with personal experience, a fan page on Facebook works like magic for businesses. Thus, social sharing factor is very critical for clones.

Market of affordable Groupon clone script has a number of good offerings. So, do pay heed to them too.
Please note that basic functionalities and obvious features have not been included because their presence is quite certain. Keep the above points in mind and you may reach the best clone.

FATbit is a web company which has been engaged in the clone script business from a long time. Its programmers are apt at identifying the glitches on a web platform and coming up with a better version of it. The same makes clone scripts by FATbit quite popular.

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