Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Facebook - Google vs. Groupon vs. Clones

Groupon is certainly going through a terrible time after having a glorious run for initial years. Already recovering from IPO disaster and accounting glitches, another stab was made by Facebook and Google. The duo recently announced that they wish to offer their geo-local couponing programs to cut a slice from the deals-market pie for themselves. And while there are at it, life of a daily deals Groupon clone might also be affected. So, let see what the two giants are up to and what all is one the cards.

Facebook Offers

The title ‘Facebook Offers’ is not a suspense gimmick but the name of the new local marketing platform it recently introduced for local U.S. companies. By making use of the tool, which is being offered free of cost, companies can churn out coupons or anything they wish to their fans through news feeds. Another feature that increases the relevance of the service is that whenever a user avails an offer, the same will be shown in his feeds for all to see.

Capitalizing on the popularity of Google Maps for Android, Google has made an update that supports a Google’s own daily deals platform. With the help of this update, merchants can lure Android users by offering discounts or coupons that pop up when they use Google Maps tool. All this happens in real time which further enhances the hype surrounding it. This means while looking for a particular address on their smart phones with Google Maps, a user can also come to know about the businesses that are just too generous with their offerings.

The Game Changer

I am sure there is no need to state that sales of smart phones are on an all time high and that geo-social services like Foursquare are gaining popularity. In such a scenario, Groupon might find it difficult to keep its customer share from eroding. Facebook has 500 million mobile users and Google is just too big to give an exact number. So, serious loyalty shifts are on the cards for Groupon. With Groupon Goods, the firm is trying to remain competitive but that is a totally different ballgame.

Where Clones Stand
A Group script clone might seem small in the tug of war between such giants but, trust me, it is not. Clones understand that if they have to ensure their survival, coming out with a twist is very critical. Hence, there are a number of clones that are coming in the field with different approach in their mind about the business model. User experience and target audience is being studied as differentiating factor. Apart from this, clones active in a particular geographical are better aware of the market and how it might respond to different offerings. Being small, Groupon clones have flexibility that big firms like Groupon lacks.
 So, it can be concluded that Groupon might feel the heat from big players like Google and Facebook but a clone running on an apt daily deal aggregator script could just walk the tight rope with a little smartness.

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