Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Groupon is Changing and Clones Evolving

Groupon was launched in November 2008. Since then, more than three years have passed and in those years, it saw lightening growth, expansion around the globe, flop show during IPO launch, damage control and a lot more. But it was smart at learning from mistakes and is promises a better future powered by change. Along with it, story of clones also begun and developed at its own pace. Though coming to the exact number is pretty difficult, the count of clones had to be in thousands! Following points will address prominent changes in both of them. 

Groupon-Merchant Partnership

Groupon could bring mind boggling amount of business and there has been number of cases where merchants were overwhelmed while meeting such a surge in demand. Some even ended up making an overall loss in the end after employing additional resources. Groupon realized this and came to the rescue of merchants by helping them to structure their deals. Now, it also assists merchants in handling the increased demand in a planned manner. Costs too are considered in the planning phase and this also helped in making Groupon experience a great one for merchants.

Maturing Groupon Clone

A number of Groupon clones that came in the business after realizing the potential of the model pulled down shutters because extensive planning was lacking. But with the passage of time, clone of Groupon matured. They have started realizing that customers are smart today and does the maths before making a deal. Therefore, personalized deals and quality has to be there at any cost. So, clones are better prepared for the future.

Business Address No Longer Matter for Groupon
To redeem Groupon’s discount certificates, one has to visit merchant’s business address. This left out businesses that didn’t have a brick & mortar business and worked solely on e-commerce models. Groupon made place for such players by introducing Groupon Goods. Under this platform, electronics, beauty, home and garden, toys and even sports items are offered to customers. It is a different concept from deals-of-the-day but Groupon is eager to test the waters in this area. The bottom line is that Groupon wishes to more than just daily deals company.

Competition is Changing Among Clones
After the blast of clones in the past two years, the market is cooling down. There is no denying that the survivors have proved their mettle but this doesn’t mean the road ahead is smooth. Merchants are beginning to realize that they could keep the share of third party profits by offering their own discounts on their websites. Hence, it could be said that competition is changing. A lot also depends on the Groupon clone script being used because if the platform doesn’t add to the visitor’s experience, then future is bleak. 
Meanwhile, the market of daily deal software is still booming with entrepreneurs convinced that it is not too late to enter the deals market. Analysts too agree that if a clone comes in with a twist, there is still space for a newcomer.

Well, it only means that Group clone script companies will keep on making money if their platforms have the features to make the difference. So, the final word is that it is probably too soon to give the final judgment because Groupon is changing and clones evolving! provides clone scripts of Groupon and offer daily deals script to its clients. By paying attention to functionality, social media sharing and user experience, its clone script has become popular amongst businesses and entrepreneurs.

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