Monday, 15 April 2013

5 Habits of Highly Effective Designers

The well known quote ‘First we make our habits; then our habits make us’ applies to all realms of life. It is a proven fact that people who invest in good habits have better chances to succeed in their respective fields.
The same rule applies to web design domain, and thus web services firms invest large sums of money to inculcate good designing habits in their talent. Here are 7 habits that are intrinsic to a highly effective web designer’s personality; 

They are great communicators 

Being good with words is an advantage in every field but it becomes even more crucial when you are working under instructions. Having a complete clarity about requirements is important to furnish satisfactory work. Thus, it is critical that hired professional is at ease with your language. Highly effective designers get repeat clients by working as per client’s requirements. And it is obviously not possible if there is lack of communication. 

They value criticism

Criticism can do a lot of good if taken positively, and that is exactly what effective web designers do. They keep an open ear for feedback and try to understand the arguments being made. Top web design companies make sure that designing team value the feedback given by clients and work is done as per stated guidelines. Constructive criticism is a learning experience in itself; effective web designers realize this and hence, value it. 

They are perfection obsessed 

Be it a logo design work worth $500 or web design project worth $5000, seasoned web designers give their best to both. They don’t let the budget influence their work quality, and make sure client get perfection. Being perfection obsessed pushes them out of their comfort zone and makes them give their 100% on the job. Good website designing company focuses on hiring designing talent that are true to their craft, and furnish quality work in stipulated time frame. 

They invest in skill 

A designer who assumes that he has mastered the field of web design would find it hard to survive in the long run. Web design is a dynamic field with changes coming every few months. Today responsive design is the flavor of the season; tomorrow something else will take its place. To remain on top of their game, smart web designers invest in their skill. 

They attend design related seminars
Read new web design philosophies
Add to their skill set by using new development techniques. 

Seasoned web development companies help their talent pool in accomplishing this by creating learning opportunities.

They seek inspiration

Creativity is a very essential component of designing process, and sadly it is not something that stays forever if left unattended. Effective designers are aware of this, and thus keep seeking inspiration to remain on top of their game. Books, nature, cinema and web are full of creativity and designers use them to keep their work inspiring. Brands that offer web designer for hire make sure that their workforce doesn’t run out of inspiration. 

Gathering good designing habits is a continuous process, and those who make the effort survive the competition to see the future. Joining hands with such minds can help in getting the best design for your business, organization or web idea. 

FATbit Technologies is a company of web designers & developers that helps organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs in evolving awe inspiring websites. It has been active in the web services business since 2004 and follows best design practices.

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