Tuesday, 30 April 2013

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How Web Designers Feed Creativity

We are fascinated how web designers come up with new design ideas one after the other, invent new ways of doing things and inspire awe from viewers. While they do have the fire of
creativity in them, there are ways through which they keep it burning. Through this lens, let's learn how web designers feed their creativity and keep inspiring us with their works.

By Experimenting with new ideas
Nobody learned by doing the same thing again and again. One has to step out from his or her comfort level to come up with new ideas. Established web designer do the same by finding time to experiment with new ideas and techniques. Such experiments don't have to be in confirmation with the stated design rules and guidelines. Because of their unorthodox nature,
such experiments ask separate work. Working on a new layout, navigation bar or even footer elements qualifies for experimentation. In the absence of such unguided steps, new methods cannot be developed.

By Taking Risks
By working as per client's instructions, the creative juices don't get the natural flow. For actually creating something truly unique, a designer has to shed the constraints that come with a commercial project. Experiment with a new tool; use an unconventional color scheme or just a navigation arrangement that doesn't confirm the accepted norms. Renowned web design companies create opportunities of experimentation and risk taking for their designing talent to make sure that they get a creative outlet.

By Being Surrounded By Inspiration
No matter how much creative a person may be, at one point or the other, he has to turn to sources of inspiration. Inspiration can come from nature, mountains, climate, wildlife or anything that surrounds us. Books, album covers, architecture, paintings, blogs, magazines, art galleries, street art and posters are all sources of inspiration too. It is important to note that inspiration doesn't mean entirely copying something; it is the process of being mentally stimulated and evolving something truly unique.

Being active in creative field is very demanding as there is a lot of pressure from clients & employers to render unique works. In such a scenario, web designers need to keep the fire of creativity burning. Seasoned web design firms are well familiar with the need and take necessary steps to keep the productivity high.

So, these are points that keep designers good and going.

Thank You Note

A special thanks to web designers at http://www.fatbit.com/, a web design company India, who helped me a lot in gaining insights into the research process undertaken by web users.

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